Barbecue Wieners & Sauce ala Nita For Crock Pot
barbecue wieners & sauce ala nita 
for serving from a crock pot 
tip: buy and use good brands! 
barbecue sauce ala nita 
i have been making this sauce for many years! it is good for this dish, 
for chicken, pork, ribs, etc.. enjoy nita 
1 cup  delmonte or heinz ketchup
2 Tbsp  apple cider vinegar
1 or 2 Tbsp  lea & perrins worcestershire sauce
8 or 9   shakes of liquid smoke
1 or 2 tsp  kikkoman soy sauce -- low sodium or regular (optional)
2 tsp  dijon mustard or dijon honey mustard
1/2 tsp  french's mild prepared mustard
1/4 cup  honey
1/4 cup  firmly packed domino dark brown sugar
1/4 tsp  garlic powder or, garlic magic
1/4 tsp  onion powder, or onion magic
2 clove  fresh garlic, crushed, peeled, minced very fine
1/4 tsp  table salt
1/4 cup  water (if sauce gets too thick and thinning is needed)
place ketchup, vinegar, worcestershire, soy sauce, mustards (dijon & 
prepared), honey, dark brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, fresh 
garlic, in a heavy boiler. bring to a boil over median high heat. reduce 
heat to medium-low (just enough to simmer the sauce to reduce it -- taste 
sauce and adjust seasoning -- cook over low heat until thickened -- about 
20 minutes. stir often and watch it because it will stick because of the 
sugar content. simmer on lowest setting while preparing the wieners. if 
sauce gets to thick, add a bit of water but only if thinning is needed. 
nita holleman 
barbecue wieners for crock pot ala nita 
preheat oven to 400 degrees f. 
1 lb.  cocktail wieners, li'l smokies, or, wieners or hot dogs of choice,
  cut in 1 inch pieces
1 lb.  smoked bacon (see my tip below), cut in pieces long enough for
  wrapping above wieners and, wooden toothpick for securing (optional)
while the barbecue sauce is cooking, wrap wieners in the cut bacon strips* 
and secure them with toothpicks. (use 2 toothpicks if needed). place 
wieners in a large baking pan or dish. place in center of oven and bake 
about 10 minutes -- bake just long enough for bacon to lightly crisp. 
don't overcook! 
remove wieners from oven. drain off fat and reserve it for another use. 
place wieners on paper towels or on uncoated paper plates. let them cool 
and drain for about 5 minutes. place wieners in crock pot and cover with 
the warm barbecue sauce. turn heat on low and serve from crock pot. 
* tip: when wrapping appetizers, or hors d'oeuvres, in bacon strips, the 
bacon strips can in half lengthwise or crosscut in pieces long enough for 
wrapping the food and securing with toothpicks. this multiplies the number 
of bacon strips and is adequate for most dishes. 
nita holleman 
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