Blackeyed Peas & Fatback ala Nita
someone wrote to me asking how to cook this, so i sent this to them. 
enjoy! nita 
black eyed peas & fatback ala nita 
method #1: go to your local farmer's market if you happen to like me and 
live in the south. otherwise, hopefully, your grocer's produce department 
will have them "in the good old summertime." buy 3 1/2 pounds of fresh 
black eyed peas. if they don't sell them in the shell, buy a quart of 
shelled peas. (do that any way if you can afford them!) 
when the peas are shelled, pick through them and if you see any bad peas, 
throw them out. you might find 5 or 6. wash the peas in a colander with 
cold water. 
get fatback at the butcher's. ask for it. fatback is just bacon that 
doesn't have any lean streaks in it. it is sometimes salty and sold as 
fatback. rinse off the salt. get a piece about 4" square and 1/2" thick. 
put the fatback in about 1 1/2 quarts of water in a 3 quart boiler. cut 
some slices across, but not through it. let it boil about 20 minutes. add 
more water as needed. 
do not ever salt peas until they are done!!! 
now! i find this little trick works good for the peas. put the washed and 
picked peas in with the fatback that is cooking. let it come to a boil. 
reduce to medium. if any foam forms on top, take a big spoon and skim it 
off and discard the foam. once. thereafter, let it boil, it won't hurt 
you. some people don't bother to skim off the foam at all. note: peas 
should be covered by at least 2 inches of water on top when cooking -- 
they dry out and burn easily. 
reduce the heat to medium-low. cover with a lid and let cook about 10 
minutes. add more water. cook about 15 minutes longer or until the peas 
are soft (not mushy) and taste done. add salt to taste -- about 1 
teaspoon. note: i add 1 knorr chicken bouillon when peas are done instead 
of salt! gives them a good flavor! 
method #2: buy frozen black eyed peas -- forget the directions on the 
box/bag! rinse them in a colander with cold water, drain and proceed as 
method #3: buy canned black eyed peas. rinse them in a colander with cold 
water, drain and proceed, only this time you need to cook in less water 
and for only about 15 minutes. you would still need to cook the fatback. 
serve in a bowl with plenty of the liquid you cooked the peas in and with 
buttermilk cornbread! offer vidalia onion relish or sweet pickle relish 
with them. 
offer plenty of iced tea with this! 
nita holleman 
(ID: 10885) Mirror: Sun, Sep 14, 2003

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